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where we are
Dorsoduro 2512
30123 Venezia

Phone 041 2448988
Fax 041 2448989
how to reach us
The ARCHEOTECNICA administrative headquarters, located at Dorsoduro 2514, can be easily reached from both Piazzale Roma and the railroad station.

If you arrive at Piazzale Roma, go �the Fondamenta Tre Ponti (Three Bridges Embankment), which runs along the side of Piazzale Roma opposite from the large parking garage and �the causeway leading to the mainland. Follow the Fondamenta Tre Ponti crossing three bridges (the first one rather long and the other two shorter). Proceed a few meters until you see an iron brige, the Ponte dei Ragusei. Do not cross it, but rather turn right and then, just about 30 meters later, take the first bridge off to the left (The Ponte Rosso). Continue along the embankment to reach our two entrances: n. 2510 and 2514.

If you arrive by train: Leaving the railroad station, turn right along the Canale Grande embankment, which will lead to a modern bridge, the Ponte della Costituzione (also known as the Ponte di Calatrava), which in turn will lead you to �Piazzale Roma. Then follow the directions above.